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Specializing in nationwide process serving, and private investigations.

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About SPS Corp.

Samuels Professional Servers is a nationwide process serving company. The Private Investigation Department at our company is called Nationwide Investigation Agency. We offer nationwide process serving and private investigation services. SPS is dedicated toward assisting your firm with all of its service and court filing needs. Our goal is to provide our highly regarded clients with second to none professionalism, minus the conventional high costs. Our website also offers convenience and simplicity with access to online billing and payment options, job tracking, downloadable affidavits service, scheduling of pickups, and much, much more. Click HERE to create a FREE account and begin building your own personal database of jobs, statuses, and invoices now!

Services Offered


In basic private investigation terminology, “skip-tracing” is the term used for the process of locating a missing person. At SPS Corp., along with serving papers, we also find those to whom the papers must be served. Our agency has the ability to efficiently and precisely track down individuals through several different means, including our highly skilled staff of private investigators and our intricate database system that provides us with the information you seek. If you are trying to locate an individual, whether it be a long-lost family member or simply a person that does not want to be found, you can count on SPS Corp. to quickly bring that person to light.


At Samuels Professional Servers, we take a professional approach to serving process by offering prompt, reliable, and affordable serving of your documents. Our flexible execution of the process serving and highly trained staff allows us to get the job done. All of our clients are treated with a superior level of professionalism and are provided with a promise of being left more than content with our services.


The job of a private investigator is to gather and analyze information for clients in both commercial and personal situations. Here, at Nationwide Investigation Agency, we know that accuracy and urgency are two of the most important factors our clients are looking for. This is why Nationwide Investigation Agency treats all cases as if they were our own. Our business provides a staff of highly skilled professional private investigators that are trained in a variety of specialties with one common goal in mind: Providing our indispensable clientele with above-satisfactory information they are looking for.


Do you need to learn the unabridged truth about an individual? Nationwide Investigation Agency provides you with the essential background investigation that you are looking for. The information gathered by our seasoned and experienced private investigations staff, as well as through our elaborate databases will be provided to you in order to make the right decisions, either commercially for a business or personally for the veracity of an individual. At Nationwide Investigation Agency, you can count on us for the accurate information you seek about an individual in a contemporary time where nothing can nonchalantly be taken at face value.


Samuels Professional Servers is licensed to handle all of your subpoenas, summons, evictions, complaints, and additional court filing needs.  If you need any of these kinds of services, there is no better process-serving agency to handle your legal documents than SPS. Here, at Samuels Professional Servers, we provide you with the option to have us file the papers to the courts on our end, or give them back to you, our clientele, so you may do whatever you wish with them. SPS also provides our clients with free pick-up for these court filing services.


At some point in your life, you will need a “notary,” or a person authorized to perform certain legal formalities.  What better agency to call than us, here at Samuels Professional Servers, where our goal is to give you the prompt, affordable, and confidential service you seek and deserve. We are also mobile!  We provide you the requested services, both when and where it is most convenient for you as our invaluable client. Our professional staff of certified signing agents is trained to respond to your needs of requested notaries for all the formalities of your legal documents.







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